How To Play Besigue,

Besigue (also known as Besique, Bezique, Bezigue, Besiq, and others) has many variations which differ in different parts of the world. Besigue Online™ is a 2 - 4 player game which uses 4 decks of cards, with all cards between two (2) and six (6) removed. 4 Jokers are also included (this is optional).

Getting Started
The cards are shuffled and spread out on the playing table so each player can select a card to see who plays first. The player who selects the lowest card must deal. If two players both select the lowest card, those two must each select again and whomever selects the lowest card picked will deal. The cards are dealt and play ensues in a counter-clockwise motion (to the right.)

The Deal
The dealer shuffles the cards and the player to his/her left cuts the deck. The Dealer deals three cards to each player beginning with the player to his/her right until each payer has nine (9) cards. The remaining cards in the deck are laid face down near the center of the playing table.

The Hand
The player to the right of the dealer is first to act and may play any card in their hand. The next player to the right may also play any card they wish, and so on. Although the players may play any card in their hand, the only way to score points is by cutting the first card played. To do so, the card must be of the same suit and of higher rank than the first card played. If the next player cuts both cards, they win the hand. The player who cuts collects all of the cards played in that particular hand and keeps them face down by his/her side until the end of the round.

The Cards
The cards are ranked as follows: Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Jack, Nine, Eight, Seven, and the Joker (optional) is wild. Notice the Ten is above any other rank except the Ace. Aces are the highest ranked card and can cut any other card except another Ace played first. Sevens are the lowest in rank and can not cut any other card played. Jokers, if played first, can not be cut by any other card except for cards of the TRUMP/POWER suit (I'll explain that shortly). Jokers, can not cut any card. If no player cuts the first card played, then the player who played the first card wins the hand and the option to score.

The Score- First Marriage
There are several cominbations of cards which can be used to score points, but the first person who scores must score a MARRIAGE. To score a Marriage, the player who cut must lay a King and a Queen of the same suit face up on the table. This Marriage is worth 40 points and determines the POWER suit for the rest of the round. All cards used to score must remain face up in view of all the players. From this hand until the end of the round, any card of the POWER suit will cut all other cards of any other suit played.

Ways To Score
Once any player has scored the first Marriage, all other options for scoring become possible. They are:

Quinte- 250 Points Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the POWER suit
4 Aces- 100 Points Any four (4) Aces
4 Kings- 80 Points Any four (4) Kings
4 Queens- 60 Points Any four (4) Queens
4 Jacks- 40 Points Any four (4) Jacks
Besigue- 40 Points Queen of Spades and Jack of Diamonds
Marriage- 40 Points King and Queen of the POWER Suit
Marriage- 20 Points King and Queen of Same Suit
Optional4 Jokers- 200 Points

A Joker may be used along with 3 other Aces, Kings, Queens, or Jacks in order to score 4 of a kind.

Different Variations
Different variations of Besigue may award different amounts for each of the scoring options. Also, some require a player to use one Ace, King, Queen or Jack of each suit when scoring 4 of a kind... We understand these differences and preferences different players may have and WE WILL incorporate several options for scoring and calculating points within the Besigue Online™ card game. Also, we will review all feedback generated from our subscribers to continuously improve your playing experience.

Moving On
After scoring, that player must select a card from the remaining deck of face down cards. The next player to the right selects one card as well, and so on. The next hand of play begins with the player who cut. If the player who cut does not score any points, they simply pull a card from the deck, followed by each player to the right, so they again have nine cards each. Cards used to score points may be used to cut or play in following hands. Cards used to score may only be used once in any possible combination. (ie. A King may not be married twice.)

Play continues with each player playing a card, someone cutting and scoring points if possible, selecting a card from the remainder of the deck, and beginning the next round of play until all of the remaining deck is used up. Once the last card is selected from the face down pile, no more scoring is permitted for the rest of the round. Each player then picks up all the remaining cards they have face up in front of them. The last player to cut begins the next hand as usual. If any other player cuts the card(s) played, they begin the next hand and play continues until each player has no more cards.

End Of Round
At the end of the round, each player counts each Ace and each Ten they have collected in their face down pile gathered through cutting. Each Ten and each Ace are worth 10 points. The total scores are calculated and if no player has won, another round is played. The player to the right of the original dealer now shuffles. The player who dealt the previous round cuts the deck, and the dealer deals to the right. Again, 3 cards at a time until each player has nine. There is no POWER suit until one player scores the first Marriage. As in the previous round, no other combination of points are allowed to be scored until this first Marriage is scored.

Rounds are played as necessary until one player reaches the Winning Score (usually 750 points for a 4 player game.) Players may agree to any Winning Score, such as 1000 or 1500, before play begins.

That's It!
You are ready to play. Don't worry if these instructions are a little hard to understand... We will be adding instructions inside the game as well which you can read while you play- step by step.

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